Justin Lynch beating Michael Phelps record at just 16



Watch Emma’s speech and take action




Not taking any chances

I scrolled past this and the guilt was too much



#y’all don’t understand #the last time this shirt was worn #was on the 16th by harry #and he wore it offstage after the show when they were in front of the busses #and i think he and louis rode the bus back to la that night #just my theory but it makes sense #and so this shirt wasn’t just put in with all the touring clothes #this was on harry after the show #so now louis wore it TO the show (pretty sure he had it on in the meet and greet) #and he /knows/ we know #godddd #and the last time he wore it was in nyc also when eleanor was there #so… anyway i love him #lt #28.9.14 #wwa gifs (bromanceshmomance)

Taylor about feminism



Charlotte, NC - September 28, 2014

Harry tying Liam’s shoes +

Harry in a banana suit 🍌

Actual Sweetest Human Person


Harry really, genuinely is such a sweetheart. There were two little girls 3 rows ahead of me, right on the side next to the catwalk, the older one was no more than 8 or 9 and I’d guess about 7 for the younger one. Harry stopped multiple times to blow them kisses and smile at them. He is constantly blowing kisses and waving at the fans (he and Liam definitely do the most fan interaction), but he made it a point to make it obvious every time it was for those girls. Liam stopped once to blow them a kiss and Niall stopped to make silly faces at them, but Harry kept going back. (They were pretty cute and SO excited every time.) (I didn’t notice any special interaction with them from Louis or Zayn but I could have missed it as there’s so much going on all the time.) This was sweet enough on its own, but towards the end of the show, Harry had a towel with him. He stopped right in front of the girls, kissed the towel, and tossed it to them. They were completely freaking out (and so were those of us behind them who saw). Then, a minute later, he came back with ANOTHER towel, stopped in front of the girls again, kissed this second towel, and tossed IT to them. So they wouldn’t have to share. So they’d each have their own special towel from Harry Styles. Their mom was about to cry. I was about to cry.

I know it only took a minute for him to come back with that second towel, but the thought and care for those girls in that small act speaks volumes for the kind of person he truly is. I am so proud to be his fan.

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